Estate Sale Tips

If you have ever been to an estate sale before, you know that the early bird catches the worm, so savvy shoppers will often arrive early to insure that they are one of the first allowed into the home.  For safety as well as security, we may need to limit the number of people allowed into the house at one time, so if necessary we will pass out numbers about a half hour before the sale starts. This also promotes a “first come, first served” sense of fairness.  We will leave a sign-up list at the front entrance typically the night before the sale or someone may start a sign-up list on a clipboard to show the order that people arrive, and we will honor this list.  

There is a possibility that you may need to wait outdoors in inclement weather, so please dress accordingly!  On rare occasions when it is raining or snowing we may ask you to keep your umbrellas the porch or slip booties over your shoes or even remove your shoes to protect carpeting or wood floors.  We remind you if you do remove your shoes, take them with you as you shop to avoid them getting lost or stolen.  We can’t be responsible for the lost or stolen shoes or provide staff to monitor the area especially during busy sales.   We also ask that you treat our customer’s home with the same courtesy you would your own home.  Because there are typically a large number of breakable items on display at our sales, children need to be closely supervised, and for safety reasons   we cannot allow strollers into our estate sales.

Unlike other sales that we have been to, we put in extra effort to make sure items are displayed with good lighting in a shop-friendly environment. We try to familiarize ourselves with the background, if any is available, behind any pieces we sell, and if there are flaws, we try to make our buyers aware of them. We generally have baskets available for your use.  We have an amazing staff that will cheerfully try to answer any of your questions, and they also will have an order book with them so they can start writing up your purchases immediately to avoid a long wait at check out.  As is common with estate sales, if you have your paws on an item and are carrying it around with you, we consider it sold.  We have a very limited time to sell the estate merchandise and we would hate to lose a sale because someone else was walking around with an item for two hours and then decided against it!

If you are interested in an item but it’s not in your price range, please feel free to ask a staff member for a bid card.  You can place your best bid on an item and we will review before the last day of the sale.

If you decide to place a bid, you need to put your name, phone numbers where you can be reached, the item name and a brief location of the item (i.e. Upstairs bedroom) and your best price. Please do not put a bid on an item if you are not sincerely interested in purchasing it.   We will then contact you if you are a winning bidder, and you will need to pick up your item by the end of the sale unless other arrangements are made.

If you are buying something heavy and/or large, you do need to arrange your own transportation and muscle to move it.  At some of our sales, we are fortunate to have a few strong brawny types working and they can often assist with moving items to your car or truck, but we cannot always count on this!

All sales are final. All merchandise is sold “As Is” so it is important to really inspect your items before you buy, and we will not give refunds. Please plug in and test the items before you purchase them to make sure they are in working condition.  Please don’t buy if you have concerns about an item.  We try our best to represent the items as accurately as we can, we will use the “AS IS” on an item that does have some flaws.  We have a very limited time span to sell our merchandise and do not wish to lose that window of opportunity. We try to supply bags and newspaper, but there are occasions when sales are brisk where we may run out, so it may be a good idea to stash some extra newspaper and boxes or bags in your car before you come, just in case.

When you arrive at the sale, please ask to sign our mailing list or sign on our web site and enter your email under Newsletter Signup!!  We can assure you that your email address will remain confidential, and we give you our word that we do not give out your address to anyone. We can then notify you of future sales via email.

At the time of this writing, we accept cash or a good check, with identification and Credit Cards over $25.00 in purchases.  We will not accept a third party check or foreign currency.  We will also accept a PayPal payment on larger or more expensive items, and this will allow buyers with a PayPal account to use their credit card or bank account. 








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