Estate Sales Services

View From Moser Tower, Naperville

View From Moser Tower, Naperville

Naperville Traders Estate Sales Offers

  • Full and Partial Estate Sales
  • Relocation and Downsizing Sales
  • Foreclosures and Short Sales
  • Business Liquidation Sales
  • High End Off-Site Estate Sales
  • Moving and Relocation Sales 

Whether you have lost a family member, or you are looking to relocate or downsize, or you have inherited or accumulated an abundance of items that you need to part with, Naperville Traders offers you a full-service solution by conducting a sale that can best suit your needs, and every home is different.  The first step is our free, no-obligation estate sale analysis.  We will come out to your home to evaluate what you are looking to part with, and determine the best way to conduct the sale.  We can estimate how long the set-up time will be, how many people we’ll need at the sale, how much research will be involved.  We also evaluate the signage needed, get permits if they are required by your community, determine how many days the sale will need, your timing needs to coordinate with the sale of your home.  Our average set-up time is 3-days, depending on the size of the home and the amount of things in it, however we have taken as long as two weeks for enormous estates.  We can ultimately determine what our fees would be, and if you are interested in hiring us and if we are able to take the job, we can set a date on the calendar.  Once we have agreed to conduct your estate sale, no items included in the estate sale are to be sold, removed or donated without our knowledge.  We are accepting the estate based on the number, variety, value and interest level of the particular items being offered,  so it would be a detriment to the success of the Estate Sale.

We like to remind customers that before you part with anything, including tossing what you perceive as junk, give us a call.  In the case of antiques and collectibles, please contact us before you speak with an antiques dealer, as these are the items that will generate interest and pull people into your sale.  Dealers will pay a fraction of what an item is worth because they need to cover their building, staff and other overhead costs.  Be very wary of a firm that wants to buy your estate contents outright, as generally they will offer you only pennies on the dollar for a buy out. 

Typically Naperville Traders conducts two to three day estate sales, allowing more time for larger estates. While our name suggests that we do business in Naperville, Illinois, we do provide estate services for the entire Chicago Metropolitan area. We do virtually everything for you – we organize your items, set up the entire contents of your home in an attractive, shop-friendly display.  We bring in tables, shelving, signs,  locked glass cases and a Jewelry case for small valuables or jewelry, security cameras and all supplies to conduct the sale.  We price each and every item with research-based integrity, and our realistic and fair prices generate maximum revenue for the estate and the customer. We will advertise and market your sale in numerous online media sites to promote your sale not only locally but regionally and nationally.  We use a  variety of on-line venues, including substantial photographs of your items on our website and countless directional signs to draw in traffic to the sale.

We are blessed to have a professional, friendly staff, well-versed in the sale of antiques, collectibles, artwork, furnishings, jewelry, tools, electronics and household goods. In the case of a substantial collection, we will work with appraisers or specialists from time to time to get second opinions on identification and market value.  We use Art Appraisers, Antique and Jewelry Appraisers to get a more solid understanding of the value and what items are worth.  In the case of high-end Furniture, Jewelry including Gold, Platinum and Sterling Silver, we consult with experts and use current valuations to determine pricing.

A BIG KEY to our success is the fact that we treat all our customers with dignity and respect.  As a result, we have a large and loyal following with over 5200 customers on our email list.  We also provide a silent bidding system that allows customers to place bids on items that are pricier or harder to move.  We handle all the accounting, security, and we provide bags and wrapping materials for purchases.  There are no up-front costs; our commission is taken directly from the proceeds of the sale. Further, if you are selling your home by owner or through a Realtor, we will gladly distribute sales literature and promote your home free of charge to prospective buyers. Many homes are sold as a direct or indirect result of conducted house and estate sales.

Naperville Traders offers the full liquidation of an estate, including automobiles, boats or camping vehicles. We are fully equipped to interact with attorneys, executors or the Court. In addition, we offer optional services such as post-sale electronic or eBay consignments for items that require a more global audience, and for a small additional fee we will arrange for the boxing up, removal and disposal of leftover items to a charity of choice and/or a hauler.

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