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Naperville Traders Estate Sales provides Professional Estate Sales and Services in the Naperville, DuPage, Will, Grundy as well as Cook and Lake County areas of the Chicago Metro area.  We strive to bring the very best sales to our customers.  We are very picky about the sales we conduct and different from the hundreds of other estate sale providers in that we have a very “Shop Friendly” and “People Friendly” approach to our Estate Sales that enhances the buying experience for our customers.  We have an enormous following of regular customers that attend our sales, which enhances our ability to sell at very competitive pricing as well as provide a service to our Estate Sale client.

The anatomy of an estate sale has changed over the past several years in the Chicago area.  Typically when someone hears the words “estate sale” they assume someone has passed away, but this is not usually the case lately — as a rule, in the urban and suburban areas people are not dying in their homes.  Rather, the eldest of the Baby Boomers are now in their mid sixties and retiring, their kids are now adults and are scattered all over the continent, the Chicago weather is not appealing, nor are the taxes, and so the Boomers are downsizing and moving out of Dodge, mainly to warmer climes.  They would rather sell most of their belongings here than pay to move them, realizing most of their decor will probably not jibe with the new location.  

In addition, their parents’ generation is looking to downsize, move into a senior or independent living complex, assisted living or an apartment, so you have two generations looking for estate sale services.  In addition, those going through short sales or foreclosures, or a divorce also need services, so as you can imagine, the need for seasoned estate sale pros that know what they are doing is greater than ever, and Naperville Traders Estate Sales offers their clients a valuable and trustworthy service that gets the job done, pricing each and every object in the home with research based integrity, maximizing client revenue with the ultimate goal of clearing out the home in a timely manner.  We don’t charge a minimum like many estate sale providers and we set up, organize, price every item in the home as well as market our sales via a number of internet web sites and use both email and social marketing techniques. There is no substitute for experience, integrity and reputation when providing a professional estate sale.

Naperville Traders Estate Sales has a loyal following of over 5,400+ customers on our email list that look forward to attending our next sale. Naperville Traders offers the full liquidation of an estate, including automobiles, boats or camping vehicles. We are fully qualified to interact with realtors, attorneys, executors or the Court.  In addition, we offer optional Services, such as post-sale Internet or eBay consignments for items that require a more global audience, and we can recommend additional services for the removal and disposal of leftover items to a charity of choice and/or a liquidation service.

Upcoming Line-up

April 2017

April 27th – 30th

May 2017

May 6th-7th  “Double Header Weekend”

  • Dynamite Automotive/Vintage Auto and Collectibles Sale in Lockport
  • Naperville Estate Sale

May 13th-14th  No Sales (Mother’s Day Weekend)

May 20th-21st 

  • Naperville Estate Sale in Rosehill Farms near Nequa High School

May 27th-28th   No Sales (Memorial Day Weekend)

June 2017

June 2nd-4th 

  • Excellent Collectibles Sale in Brookfield, IL

June 9th-11th 

  • Fabulous High-End Antiques Sale in Woods of Bailey Hobson

June 17-18th  Father’s Day Weekend

  • Open Date 

June 24th – July 5th  Vacation No Sales


Booking now for Open Dates in

 July and August, 2017  


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