We love these people who are so kind and loving friends. Love to all of you.

You are a great company and I have many beautiful things l would not have but for you great people luv to you folks.

Naperville Traders sales are always wonderful! Steve and Barb are great people but we missed Barb yesterday! Get well soon!

Tuesday, March 27, 2018 at 6:37 PM
Dear Barb & Steve,
I’ve been thinking of you both so much as we’re settling in here on the Cape now.    Bob and I have the deepest respect for you both, for your company, for your lovely daughters, for your entire crew.   The experience we just went through with you was truly one of the best.   

If you had told me beforehand that we would end up in a weeks time with a completely empty house and fond memories of it all, I would never have believed you.  But that was definitely the case.   Actually, you did tell us that…now that I’m thinking about it!!

We were so impressed from start to finish.   You were true to your words of expectation from our first meeting.   We thought it would all be too good to be true but you were completely spot on.  

I already miss you both and hope that some day our paths may cross again.   Our home here in Chatham is here for your enjoyment should you ever find yourselves out this way.  

We so thoroughly enjoyed our time with you.   Thank you for taking such good care of us and making our experience of leaving our home and everything in it actually a very pleasant one.  

It’s heartwarming really to see how well a company can be run when you have two people at the top who are so professional, so honest, so caring and who just seem to absolutely love what they do.  

With our sincere gratitude,
Sarah & Bob