Question 1: What is an Estate Sale?

An estate sale is a type of “high end” garage sale, yard sale or auction to sell all of the valuable possessions owned by a business, family member or parents. Naperville Traders are specialists in conducting professional Estate Sales. We are familiar with antiques, collectibles, modern and vintage furniture, toys, jewelry, art and electronic equipment. We provide the personnel to assist with organization, set-up, display, pricing, marketing and all the web based advertising, emaoil marketing and manage the Estate Sale over a 2-3 day period at your residence or business.

Question 2: How long does the Estate Sale process take?

Depending on the nature of the estate sale, we need between 2-5 days to organize, set-up, display and price items in the home.  A typical 2 – 3 day sale will begin on either Saturday/Sunday or Friday/Saturday/Sunday.  We may need more time for large estates as well as high-end estate sales where we need to bring in appraisers and antique or Art experts to review prices.

Question 3: What if items don’t sell at the Estate Sale

Every sale has left over items that don’t sell for one reason or the other.  We will send out an email to our subscribers to offer significant  items at reduced prices as a virtual estate sale or we may try to list the items on eBay or Craigslist after the sale or take certain items to another sale.  You may decide to keep the items or we can arrange a charity pick-up for the remaining  merchandise.

Question 4: What are the "Hot Items"that sell at an estate sale?

We will try to sell every item in your home, from Lawn and Garden Items to HIGH-END Art and Collectibles.  Our goal in every sale is to identify and price every item with research of current pricing information and generate as much revenue as possible.  Hot Items in every Estate Sale include: Autos and Trucks, Tools, Collectibles, Antiques, Jewelry (Both Fine and Costume), High-End Furniture, Electronics (Computers, Apple Products, Vintage Audio, HDTV’s) and Garage Items such as Lawn Mowers, Snow Blowers and Garden Tools. 

Question 5: What are the Discounts you offer?
As a rule, most Estate Sale Providers have a system of discounts during a sale.  It is customary to offer up to 50% discounts on items the last day of the sale.  Not all items will be discounted, however we recommend to make a BID on items the 1st or 2nd day of the sale to have a better chance of purchasing an item at a more favorable price.
Question 6: How do you determine the order of your customers that enter the home?

We will leave an official Sign-Up list outside the front door at Midnight or earlier the evening before the sale for our customers to sign the list which determines the order that they will enter the home.   At 9:00 AM we will call names on the list, you must be present at that time to enter the home.  We will typically allow 25-30 customers initially to enter the home.  At very crowded sales the amount of customers in the home may be increased in larger homes.

Question 7: How do you price items in the sale?

First and foremost we price every item in a home. Our Estate Sale customers will not pick up an item if not priced.  Pricing is the key to success of an estate sale and with our 20 years of experience it is one of our best skill set.  We price items based on research using a number of sources including: eBay, Craigslist, Google, Live Auctions, Consignment, specialized subscription pricing sites and Retail sites.  The price of a particular item is based on current value and condition, recent auction sites for sold or realized Values.  We realize our customers want to get a bargain but we also have an obligation to our client home owner to get a fair price for their estate.

Question 8: Why Should you use Naperville Traders to conduct your Estate Sale?

Naperville Traders has been conducting professional estates sales for over 18 years.  Naperville Traders Estate Sales has a loyal following of over 5,500+ customers on our email list that look forward to attending our next sale. We are consistently recommended by Realtors, Customers and Professionals in the area because we have conducted over 490 Estate Sales and provide a value-added service.  Like any service, you get what you pay for.  We have an excellent staff that are courteous, friendly and professional in their approach.  When you evaluate an estate sale provider it is their reputation, following and experience with excellent references that you want.

Question 9: How do you start the ball rolling?

The first step in the process is call us to set up an initial Estate Sale Evaluation.  We will come out to your home and evaluate what you plan to sell in an estate sale and whether you have enough items of interest and value to attract our customers.  Once we decide we would like to conduct your estate sale we need to determine a date.  Since there are only 52 weekends (46 with holidays excluded)  we have to be very selective on sales that we select..  If you have not sold your home you may want to have the estate sale after you receive a contract and before you close. If you have sold your home we need to make sure we have dates available to accomodate your estate sale.

Once we have confirmed a date, on the Monday prior to the sale dates, we will start to photogragh the items, in the home, you plan to sell. Our staff will arrive on the Monday or Tuesday before the sale on the weekend to organize, set-up, display and price items.  The sale will be on either Saturday and Sunday of that week or we may determine we need a 3 Day sale on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.