Current Online Estate Sale

Hi All,

For those of you who have participated in our online sales already, we welcome you back with open arms.  We also realize some of you have probably not visited our online sales this past year, and we know you will find this an easy and Covid-safe way to shop for Estate Sale treasures from the comfort of your home, with curbside pickup.  Let your fingers do the walking!  Here’s a little “Cliff Notes” Refresher on how our sales work:

How do online sales work with Naperville Traders? 

  • We begin accepting purchase requests at 9 am SHARP on the First day of the Sale in this case Thursday March 18th.  Contact us to purchase (“How To” is covered below)!  Purchases are accepted in the order they are received on our end ONCE we open our virtual doors. It’s the fairest way.  The most direct way to contact us is covered below.
  • Scroll through the pictures, look for the caption under the picture- it includes the Lot number, asking price of the item(s), and a description, size, condition, etc. Typically there are a few pictures from different angles and lighting.
  • Make note of “Lots” Numbers you are interested in!  Save those LOT numbers!
  • When you are ready to make a purchase. EMAIL: or Text: 630-306-0061 (Steve) or 630-217-6180 (Ellie). Include your First and Last Name, Phone Number, Email Address, and the Lot numbers you would like to purchase and “Send Invoice” if you are ready to buy. There are plenty of items to look at and there is no problem if you wish to add more items later, so please don’t feel like you have to look at everything before you buy.
  • We will confirm with you the status of the request (if your items are NOT available, or we will send an invoice if you have included “Send Invoice” AND the items are available for you to purchase). The invoice(s) will be sent to your email through Square, our credit card processor. Please pay the invoice quickly so that we can mark the item “sold” for you and you won’t lose it to another shopper.
  • Once paid, Ellie will follow up via EMAIL with curbside pickup times, addresses, and all pertinent information.
  • Pickup times will be by appointment on Sunday or another day that is convenient over the weekend or Monday after the sale,  If you have larger or heavier items, you will need to provide the muscle!  We also work with a terrific delivery company who can move items into your garage, due to Covid.  His services are not free, but reasonable compared to other delivery services.   Please plan accordingly: Sunday purchases will NOT be available for same-day pickup unless an appointment has been confirmed with an earlier purchase. Thanks for understanding our logistical dilemma!
  • We will be masked up and require you to as well.

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