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Greetings, All.  


Our recent online sales, we are loading all the photos of what we are selling here. In the caption of the MAIN photo, we title the Lot #, what is included, a description of the items, price, condition, and any flaws or highlights. NOTE: We will continue our research of the items and making adjustments to descriptions and pricing until we open our “virtual doors”.  

Here are frequently asked questions (FAQ) others have had that might help clarify the procedure.  

How does it work? 

As mentioned, we have taken A LOT Photos of everything for sale and numbered the items or grouping of items by lot number.  The main photo of that lot number will have the description of the item(s) in that lot, along with the asking price, measurements, additional photos, any noticeable flaws, if any, etc.   

Do you want to make a purchase? 

Please pay attention to “Operating Hours”. We will start accepting purchases at 9am on the first day of the sale! If you are looking to purchase an item or lot (make note of lot #), you will need to call or text Steve at 630-306-0061 or  Ellie at 630-217-6180. Include your NAME, EMAIL ADDRESS, and LOT Numbers in your texts. A Square Invoice will be sent to you for payment information (all major CC’s are accepted), and you will need to pay within 30 minutes so we can mark your items as sold. Be sure to act quickly so you don’t lose it.     

Can I purchase more than one item or Lot? 

Yes, absolutely!    

Pick-up Information: 

  • After payment is submitted, we will send you the pick-up address (Central Naperville ) and choice of time slots 
  • If you purchase a larger item, delivery services are available (for an additional fee)
  • We will wear masks and we ask that you do as well. If you are sick or have been exposed to someone sick, please do stay home or ask us about additional options (shipping or delivery).
  • We ask that people park in the street for pick-up and please don’t block the driveways – it’s a court. (hand truck is available)
  • For heavy or larger items, please bring assistance. Due to social distancing needs, and for your safety, we will not be able to load items into your car. With this being said, all items will be in an accessible area. 
  • Just a reminder, don’t congregate with other individuals picking up items, as we have no idea if and where the virus may raise its ugly microscopic head!! 

That’s about it.  For those of you who follow our sales regularly, we know you may miss the camaraderie and people contact of a traditional sale as much as we do, but we want our clients, our customers and our fabulous staff (and us!) to be safe during this wacky pandemic.  We love you all dearly and would feel remorse if anyone got ill from attending one of our sales.  

So grab your coffee, make note of anything with the lot #’s that you might be interested in, and shop from the comfort of your kitchen table and your computer or iPhone, Android, iPad.   No fuss no muss.  It is easier than you think without waiting in line, social distancing and wearing masks. 

All the best, 

Barb & Steve  

Naperville Traders Estate Sales  

Be Safe and Stay Healthy  



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