eBay Store and Craigslist Services

In conjunction with our estate sales, we can provide both pre and post sales on our eBay Store, Craigslist and our web site.

  • If an item does not meet its mark at your Estate Sale we will research to see if your item is marketable, find the optimal category and best placement in eBay or Craigslist.
  • Analyze pricing, determine initial sale price or sales price on Craigslist for maximum response
  • We will take and edit numerous professional digital photographs of the item
  • Create a dynamic sales ad and HTML layout for your item
  • We market to a global audience or local market using Craigslist for larger items such as furniture.
  • Answer all correspondence and inquiries
  • Once item is sold we take care of billing and collection before shipping the item.
  • We accept payments via Credit Card (Square), PayPal, Money Orders, Cashier Checks or Personal Checks.
  • We will professionally pack and ship using quality packing materials.
  • Once the item has been received, we process a check to you as a residual of your estate sale.

A Power Seller with integrity and marketing expertise. We do the work and you get the rewards.


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