Question 1:  What is an Estate Sale?

An estate sale is a type of “high end” garage sale, yard sale or auction to sell all of the valuable possessions owned by a business, family member or parents. Naperville Traders are specialists in conducting professional Estate Sales. We are familiar with antiques, collectibles, modern and vintage furniture, toys, jewelry, art and electronic equipment. We provide the set-up, print and web based advertising, marketing and manage the Estate Sale over a 2-4 day period at your residence or business. Visit our Estate Sales Info page for additional information. 


Question 2:  How long does the Estate Sale process take?

Depending on the nature of the estate sale, we need between 4-7 days to organize, set-up, display and price items in the home.  A typical 2 – 3 day sale will begin on a Thursday/Friday/Saturday or Saturday/Sunday.  We may need more time for large estates as well as high-end estate sales where we need to bring in appraisers and antique or Art experts to review prices.


Question 3:  What if items don’t sell at the Estate Sale
Every sale has left over items that don’t sell for one reason or the other.  We may try to list the item on eBay or Craigslist after the sale or you may decide to keep the items or we can arrange a charity pick-up 


Question 4:  Are there any items that Naperville Traders will not accept?  

Yes, we will not sell any counterfeit materials, stolen items, hazardous materials, items “inspired” by another manufacturer, sexually explicit items, or anything prohibited by eBay, or items of awkward size or shape which we do not feel can be safely shipped. Visit our “What We Sell” page for additional information.


Question 5:  Why are auction prices started so low?

In nearly nine years of marketing on eBay, we have found that the lower the starting bid, the more bidders get in on the action and the higher the final value price will be. We will be glad to start the auction out at a higher figure or we will insert a reserve price (meaning if it does not sell for your minimum reserve price, it will not sell at all), however one should note that the item may be less likely to sell with a reserve or high starting price.  


Question 6:  What if an item sells less than the $50 minimum estimated value?

Despite all the research and effort we put into an auction, there will be times when an item will not sell for the expected value, Naperville Traders nor eBay can guarantee a given sales price. It is in our best interest to make sure that your item sells for the optimal amount, and we will monitor the auction and make modifications as necessary.


Question 7:  What about “Book Values” from price guides? Do eBay prices vary?

Typically, price guides will be much higher than the amount the same item would actually sell for on eBay. Usually eBay auction prices for a given item are a better indication of market value than most reference guides because they reflect the current market and level of interest in the item.


Question 8:  Why Should you use Naperville Traders to Sell your Items?

The greatest benefit to using our service is the special attention you will receive. We don’t ask you to get on the Internet and fill out a form and drop off your item at a local shipping store. We save you valuable time and effort by picking your item(s) up (or you may drop off with an appointment), and we literally take it from there. We are eBay Power Sellers with a highly regarded feedback reputation and thousands of successful sales under our belt, and we have substantial experience writing winning ad copy, taking superior photographs, and creatively marketing your item to see that it sells for top dollar. Above all else, we sincerely want to get the best price for your item by providing an effortless alternative to selling your valuables yourself at a reasonable commission. 


 Question 9:  How long is my item up for auction?   

Auctions usually run for minimum of 1 to 3 days or a maximum of 10 days. We have found 5 or 7 days to be the most effective auction period. That gives the buyers time to find and bid on our items. If we use the “Buy It Now” the item may sell immediately.

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